There’s so much that could be be said about the Beastie Boys’ MCA.  At 47, he died way too soon.  After fighting cancer for a few years, he finally lost the fight and has, hopefully, moved on to a better place.  It’s an unbelievably tragedy to his family and a huge loss to the hip hop community as a whole.

The Beastie Boys were pioneers of the art form, and did more to expand hip hop horizons than half of the records of the last decade combined.  They were unabashedly passionate, and minorly rebellious.  They won over listeners from the suburbs to the city.

Rest in peace, Adam.

Check out the classic Sabotage, below.

The Beastie Boys kept things pretty interesting, even in the last few years.  They released a full-length short film titled Fight for your Right.  It just goes to show how many people they reached, because this star studded film has some pretty unexpected (and fantastic) cameos.

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