Livin like Mr. Thug

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Livin like Mr. Thug

The Globe and Mail, a national Canadian newspaper, ran an article titled “How to be thrifty like a rap mogul”.  It’s actually kind of an interesting read, and focuses mostly on one artist known as Slim Thug.

Pieces of advice such as

“Going into the strip club to make it rain 5Gs ain’t ever profited my pockets,” he writes. Nope. This guy would rather make $5,000 trickle.


“Never spend all your money to get high or drunk…. It ain’t worth it, unless you’re trying to spend your money to flip that [excrement] and get it back plus some.”

This may end up making surprising amounts of sense to the newly rich.  Despite how easy it is to laugh at a sentiment like that, it’s actually accurate.  And it’s something that belies a more basic principle.  There’s no reason to live beyond your means.  Especially if you come from little, the best thing you can do is make sure you never wind up with little again.
Still, it’s hard to take an article seriously when they quote from a “Mr. Thug”.

2 thoughts on “Livin like Mr. Thug

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