Hip-hop stars shift on homophobia

Hells yeah.  It’s about time someone started to talk about this.  Ever since Frank Ocean came out, people finally began to discuss the shift in the hip hop landscape and their treatment of homophobia.

It’s by no means as graduated and accepting as it should be yet, but progress is slowly being made.  When you have some of the biggest names in hip hop on your side (Not to mention Tyler the Creator’s furious underworld hype), it doesn’t really matter what anyone else says.

The article, Hip-hop stars hit pause on homophobia in rap, covers some pretty wide-ranging territory.  It features quotes from many big names.  One of the most interesting notes comes from D.M.C., who states

D.M.C. is skeptical about some of hip-hop’s recent support of Ocean, since he believes homophobia is still rampant in the culture. Still, he is sure a homosexual hip-hop act will emerge: “Of course there’s going to be a gay rapper.” He said that a rapper’s success would be determined not by his sexuality, but by the quality of his raps.

Baby steps.

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