Bitter Barista is also a rapper

You may have hard of Bitter Barista.  This Seattle-based anonymous rage blog was the classic tale of an employee ranting about customers and management and working conditions.  What you may not have heard is that Matt Watson, the name behind the blog, was unmasked by a rival coffee blog (which is a ridiculous sentence to write) and subsequently fired.  More importantly, you may not have heard that he also raps under the name Spekulation.

Here’s a little bio snippet:

Spekulation is a Seattle-based emcee and producer who blends both live instrumentation and sampling to create boombap rap records that are exciting and spontaneous. On stage, he performs with DJ AbsoluteMadman, Nate Omdal and a 6-piece live band.

And he’s not bad.  Check out Remember below.

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