Year: 2014



Most of you by now have probably been reading all about the Iggy Azalea feud on Twitter. For those who haven’t, Azealia Banks (who we featured before) took her to task for appropriating black hip hop culture with seemingly no understanding of what she was doing. So, to be clear, not just because she was […]

Cool Music

Jay-Z – I can’t get with that

I’ve been reading Decoded recently, which is a surprisingly good read.  The usual self-rationalization etc., but Jay-Z shows some surprisingly insightful moments.  In the book, he discusses the track I Can’t Get with That, as one of his first music videos when he was really trying to get out there.  Back before labels took him seriously. […]


Omar – The Man

I’m really digging this. I don’t know too much about Omar (besides what I read on Okayplayer of course).  The whole album is pretty dope, so make a point of checking it out.  

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