Month: January 2015


Liquid Swords

I was browsing Reddit today, as every productive day starts, and came across a thread about the most under appreciated album of all time.  One user mentioned Gza’s Liquid Swords. I remembered this album from when I was much younger, and honestly don’t remember it that fondly.  But I took the advice in the thread and gave […]


Stro Elliot – Kamaal Coltrane

Last month, LA-based producer Stro Elliot released this mash-up of Coltrane’s “Giant Steps” and the Dilla-produced beat to Q-Tip’s “Let’s Ride“. Actually, mash-up is probably the wrong word: it’s more of a simultaneous re-interpretation of both tunes. The interesting connection here is that Dilla sampled the guitar version of “Giant Steps” on the Q-Tip beat.


Sidewalk Chalk – “Them, Us”

A lot of musicians have responded through art to the tragedies in Ferguson, Staten Island and elsewhere, including the Chicago band Sidewalk Chalk, who’ve released this video to their powerful song, “Them, Us.” Check out the tune and then preorder their new album and hit them up on tour.

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