Zion I is breaking up

Photo by Ron Henry
Photo by Ron Henry

Let me start this off by saying I have not independently verified this.  Relying on Teambackpack.net (which, if you haven’t checked them out on the web or on Facebook, you are missing out) which in turn relied on MassAppeal.com, I discovered this morning that Zion I has released what they claim to be their last project as the original duo.  The EP, Sun, Moon and Stars is 5 tracks.  An eclectic mix for an already eclectic group, it’s worth a listen (check it out below).

According to TBP, the duo is going their separate ways, but AmpLive will continue to contribute the occasional production while Zumbi continues on under the Zion I banner.  What’s unclear to me is whether Zumbi will be getting new talent in on a full time basis, or just bring in the occasional featured artist.

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  1. Brutal. Saw Zion I live probably 10 years ago in Victoria. The promoter had screwed up and advertised the wrong venue on the posters, so there were maybe a dozen of us, tops, at the show but they still killed it. I think Mind Over Matter is one of my favourite albums of the late 90s/early 2000s.

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