DJ Filthy Rich – Black on Both Sides Tribute (Mixtape)

The 20th anniversary of Black on Both Sides has been getting a lot of attention on social media. And it’s clear why: the album is a legit classic. When it dropped in 1999, Black on Both Sides was heralded as a rallying cry for intelligent hip-hop, a strike back against the genre’s capitulation to profit and superficiality. According to Stereogum, the album “would briefly, yet brilliantly, blackhole some of the spotlight from the commercial takeover and give it back to hip-hop’s early tenets, back to New York and cognizance.”

To mark the album’s anniversary, DJ Filthy Rich has released a mixtape of album tracks, uncut songs and samples, representing an homage to the sound and message of Yasiin Bey’s debut. Check it out here:

h/t Okayplayer