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Robert Glasper – New Dillaludes, New Album

I’m late to the game on this dude for sure, but over the last few days I’ve been listening to everything I can find by Robert Glasper. A pianist, Glapser’s music spans the spectrum from straight ahead jazz to Nirvana covers. (Seriously, check out that cover of “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, it’s amazing). He’s taken […]

Awareness Music

Action Bronson – New Music and More

Off Action Bronson’s upcoming album, Mr. Wonderful, “Terry” features the Queens rapper’s distinctive flow and complex wordplay, which are complemented by jazzy production by the Alchemist. In related news, Bronson’s Vice series, “Fuck, That’s Delicious” – whose latest episode includes a clip of Bronson in the studio with Alchemist (see below) – is coming to cable TV. This isn’t […]


Converse Rubber Tracks Releases 10+ Days of Royalty-Free Samples

To all our production-minded readers: Converse Rubber Tracks, a community-based recording studio in Brooklyn, has put online over ten days worth of samples! Recorded at the studio with live instrumentation, the samples are entirely royalty-free, meaning you can download and use the entire library at no cost. To convey a sense of the possibility here, the studio’s recruited […]


Primo Debuts a Live Band

A couple of days ago Okayplayer posted this video of DJ Premier rehearsing with his new live band, which is apparently touring now in Japan. Not sure if they have a name yet but they’re sounding good. Super excited for this, and will definitely check them out if they ever come north to Canada.  


DOOM Minus Doom – YouTube Samples Playlist

Continuing our string of reddit-based posts, here’s a YouTube playlist of songs sampled by MF DOOM. For anyone interested in the art of sampling, or just a fan of good music, this is a great listen. Some sources are instantly recognizable, others take a closer listen, but in either case it’s an impressive playlist.

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