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4080Records Presents: Urban Street Photography

Urban Street Photography is one of those Web 2.0 spawned artistic endeavours, residing deep in the belly of the beast known as Flickr. Here’s an example of some wicked street photography. Flickr is a website where users can post whatever photos they want. They can also join “pools”, which are groups of users who contribute […]

Art Music

Beats, Rhymes and Life: Thoughts on Hip-Hop

The birth of hip-hop in the late 1970s was a profound moment in the history of musical expression. Aside from its political and cultural significance as a radical form of protest for an entire generation of disenfranchised youth, hip-hop also introduced new methods of producing and consuming music. In fact, it is these methods which […]


Bill Shannon a.k.a The Crutchmaster

After the last post where I mentioned RJD2, it got me thinking. I vaguely recalled seeing a pretty crazy video for RJD2’s track “Work it Out” and decided to go check it out. After you’ve seen it, you’ll understand my amazement. The guy dancing around on those crutches is Bill Shannon, an artist/bboy/crutchdancer. Besides the […]


Unreal Ballpoint Art

So this guy, Juan Francisco Casas, is a ridiculous artist. His new thing is that he draws these increrdibly elaborate portraits. They look EXACTLY like photographs to me, but apparently they’re actually hand drawn. And they just so happen to be drawn with ballpoint pen of all things. Forgive me for being incredulous, but this […]

Art Music

Rock the Bells

So, y’all have heard of Rock the Bells, I assume. It has to be one of the most ambitious and amazing ideas I’ve seen. To think it all started as the dream of one guy. Chang Weisberg put it all on the line to give hip hop heads a much needed dose of real, unadulterated […]

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