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Wax Poetics

Wax Poetics magazine, a quarterly and impressive publication, has just announced that it is now available on iOS and Android devices. While subscriptions and back issues to Wax Poetics are quite expensive at the moment, I think this is an extremely positive step. Music and culture magazines stand the most to gain from tablet and […]

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There’s so much that could be be said about the Beastie Boys’ MCA.  At 47, he died way too soon.  After fighting cancer for a few years, he finally lost the fight and has, hopefully, moved on to a better place.  It’s an unbelievably tragedy to his family and a huge loss to the hip […]

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Adair Lion – Ben

An interesting track that confronts the whole “homophobia” in hip hop issue.  It’s definitely not fixing the problem, but as long as it’s getting people talking, it’s something I can get behind.  Obviously I recognize all the caveats apply about how people shouldn’t have to justify their existence, and really shouldn’t have to  be told […]

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The Story Of Trip-Hop’s Rise

Local Groove Does Good: The Story Of Trip-Hop’s Rise From Bristol : The Record NPR has a really fascinating look at the rise of Trip Hop, starting from its humble origins in Bristol, UK.    It’s written in a romantic and nostalgic way, and includes language so pregnant with meaning it may actually need a c-section […]

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