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Obama picked Biden

Despite our earlier conjecture,  Obama went ahead and announced his choice for his running mate as Sen. Joe Biden (D-Delaware). Not a bad choice, I guess, especially when you look at him on paper.  He’s got extremely strong foreign policy experience and is well recognized for it.  He chairs the Senate foreign relations committee and […]

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4080Records’ Summer Mix

Summer – the season of barbecues, waves, blue skies, beers on patios, packed clubs, and long weekends.  Thoughts of summer are invariably positive, and no other season evokes eidetic responses of similar intensity.  Part of what makes summer so emotionally salient is music.  Dope rhymes and a head-nodding beat are the perfect complement to all the moods of […]

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The Associated Press takes on bloggers…

…and loses. The Associated Press, a once respected newswire organization has gone on the offensive against the demons that are bloggers. Basically, AP took a hard line with a blog called the Drudge Retort (not to be confused with the Drudge Report) and issued a takedown notice for 7 stories they had posted.  Apparently, the […]

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Conservatives to the Future: F*ck You

Last Friday, Canada’s governing Conservative party introduced Bill C-61, an Act to amend the Copyright Act. According to a news release from Industry Canada, the bill “balances the interests of Canadians who use digital technology and those who create content … it’s a win-win approach.” Josée Verner, the Minister of Canadian Heritage added, “Canadians are known […]

Featured Politics

Canada’s Foreign Minister Resigns

Canada’s political scandals are usually pretty small scale. Our money scandals are $100 million, which is probably nothing when comparing to our giant neighbours to the south. Still, for those of you who haven’t been following the controversy, Maxime Bernier, Canada’s foreign minister has just resigned. The whole thing started a few weeks ago when […]

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