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Hip hop heads can be nerds too.

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Jamglue is exactly the type of site that we all love. It’s an site designed around bringing remixing to the masses. It enables Sally home-studio to bring her remix skills (or develop them if she has none) to a wider audience. Basically, there is an online remix interface that lets you take music and go […]

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Windows 98 sounds + nerd = music

This is pretty hilariously nerdy. Some kid, somewhere in the world (and most likely in their parents house) managed to piece together an entire “song” entirely out of Windows 98 system sounds. All the days we here at 4080 spent making beats were tough enough, I can’t imagine sitting down and trying to make something […]

Geek Music

4080Records Presents: iBand

I’m pretty sure nearly all of you out there have heard of the iPhone before, so I won’t waste too much time talking about it. Basically, it’s a fancy touchscreen phone from Apple that can run all kinds of crazy applications. It’s also about $500, so definitely not within the reach of the average consumer. […]

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George Bush Has Got Skillz

An edited version of George Bush’s recent State of the Union address, featuring the president’s hitherto unknown made beatboxing skills: Courtesy of Slate magazine, a fantastic online journal with some excellent contributors, including the always controversial Christopher Hitchens.

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