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Universal Mind Control reviewed – and the results are not good

Despite our hype, it doesn’t look like Common’s Universal Mind Control is getting too much love in the hip hop community.  That doesn’t mean it’s not a commercial success for Common. In case you haven’t seen it, Common and Afrika Bambaataa have a little TV spot for Microsoft’s Zune media player. All tangents aside, I’ve […]

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Pete Philly and Perquisite have the most slept on album of the year

The title of this post says it all.  2007’s Mystery Repeats by Pete Philly and Perquisite is definitely one of the best album’s you’ve never listened to.  The Dutch hip hop duo is getting some mad underground love, even having done a collabo with sometimes-great emcee Talib Kweli. Mystery Repeats (the single, not the album) […]

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EPMD – Strictly Business (1988)

EPMD – Strictly Business (Priority/EMI, 1988) If you don’t like Strictly Business, you don’t like hip-hop. It’s that simple. Released in 1988 by EPMD (Erick and Parrish Making Dollars), Strictly Business is a straight classic, its legendary status forever preserved thanks to the 5 Mics it received from the Source. Created in an era before producers were constrained by […]

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The Chicharones – When Pigs Fly (2005)

The Chicharones – When Pigs Fly (2005) Mixing astute, introspective rhymes with irony and self-deprecating humour, the Chicharones (aka Vancouver’s Josh Martinez and the Oldominion crew’s Sleep) are a talented, yet underrated duo. On When Pigs Fly, their first full-length album, the Chicharones combine dope beats and dope rhymes (what more do y’all want?) into […]

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