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Zion I is breaking up

Let me start this off by saying I have not independently verified this.  Relying on (which, if you haven’t checked them out on the web or on Facebook, you are missing out) which in turn relied on, I discovered this morning that Zion I has released what they claim to be their last […]


Converse Rubber Tracks Releases 10+ Days of Royalty-Free Samples

To all our production-minded readers: Converse Rubber Tracks, a community-based recording studio in Brooklyn, has put online over ten days worth of samples! Recorded at the studio with live instrumentation, the samples are entirely royalty-free, meaning you can download and use the entire library at no cost. To convey a sense of the possibility here, the studio’s recruited […]


Primo Debuts a Live Band

A couple of days ago Okayplayer posted this video of DJ Premier rehearsing with his new live band, which is apparently touring now in Japan. Not sure if they have a name yet but they’re sounding good. Super excited for this, and will definitely check them out if they ever come north to Canada.  


DOOM Minus Doom – YouTube Samples Playlist

Continuing our string of reddit-based posts, here’s a YouTube playlist of songs sampled by MF DOOM. For anyone interested in the art of sampling, or just a fan of good music, this is a great listen. Some sources are instantly recognizable, others take a closer listen, but in either case it’s an impressive playlist.


Liquid Swords

I was browsing Reddit today, as every productive day starts, and came across a thread about the most under appreciated album of all time.  One user mentioned Gza’s Liquid Swords. I remembered this album from when I was much younger, and honestly don’t remember it that fondly.  But I took the advice in the thread and gave […]


Stro Elliot – Kamaal Coltrane

Last month, LA-based producer Stro Elliot released this mash-up of Coltrane’s “Giant Steps” and the Dilla-produced beat to Q-Tip’s “Let’s Ride“. Actually, mash-up is probably the wrong word: it’s more of a simultaneous re-interpretation of both tunes. The interesting connection here is that Dilla sampled the guitar version of “Giant Steps” on the Q-Tip beat.

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