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Prisoners do MC Hammer

Just a fun little thing to pass the time.  Ever wonder what a whole bunch of prisoners look like while dancing to Soulja Boy and MC Hammer?  No?  Too bad.  Watch anyways. Inmates Do Soulja Boy and Hammer – Watch more Funny Videos


ODB vs. Kanye in a interrupt-off

I had never noticed this before, but apparently Ol’ Dirty Bastard was almost as bad as Kanye in terms of storming the stage at the Grammys.  And yet somehow ODB’s was more understandable because hew as at least pissed that he didn’t win.  Kanye was mad on ‘behalf of Beyonce.   ODB:   Kanye:   […]


MF Doom changing his name too

MF Doom is going the way of Lil Bow Wow and changing his moniker.  No, he’s not going back to Viktor Vaughan, he’s decided to rename himself DOOM. That’s right.  According to Pitchfork, it’s DOOM, all in capitals. It’s a strange choice, but one that may kind of work for him.  He’s been away from […]


A history of 78 labels

Ever wonder how the labels on your records evolved over time?  Well have no fear, thanks to a find on Metafilter 4080 Records presents to you Ted Staunton’s archive of labels. Some interesting labels in there, all arranged by decade.

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