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2011 Summer Break

As you’ve probably noticed, we’re on a bit of a hiatus here at 4080. All of us are off doing various summer-y things. We’ll be back in the next month or so, so definitely stay tuned. Until then, enjoy the sun. Image props: racoles


Our New Look

As you can tell, we’re rocking a new look these days. Our goal with the redesign was to make 4080 look more ‘bloggy’ and less ‘magaziney.’ Let us know what you think: the good, the bad and the ugly. We’ll likely be tweaking the design over the next few days/weeks, so any suggestions would be appreciated.



As you can probably tell, we’re redesigning the site. It should be finished soon, and we hope you dig the new look when it is.


The Return

After nearly three weeks backpacking through Panama and Costa Rica (and living la pura vida) and a further week split between Charlotte, North Carolina and a beach house outside beautiful Charleston, South Carolina, I’ve returned home. Although we don’t normally use 4080 as a forum for personal news, I thought I’d at least explain my absence over the past […]


Day 18 – The First Blog

So the first blog on is up. It’s mine, so don’t expect much more than random rants about music and maybe some occasional commie outbursts of misdirected anger. All I can promise is that it will be the single greatest thing you’ve ever read: – B


Day 1

Welcome, all. is starting to finally take shape.  I thought it’d be interesting if we chronicle our journey to launching this online music paradise. My partners and I have been working away at trying to get this idea off the ground for some years now (actually many years), but we’re finally taking the right […]

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