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Shad is the new host of Q

Thanks for listening to Shad’s first day as guest host on @CBCRadioQ. Head over to if you missed it! #QtheFuture A photo posted by Team Shad (@shadkmusic) on Jan 26, 2015 at 10:36am PST CBC’s Q Radio Program has been embroiled in controversy the last little while.  Ever since the fall of Jian Ghomeshi 4 months […]

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Jay-Z battles Republicans

For those of you who haven’t been following the news, Jay-Z has been getting some heat lately for the trip he took to Cuba with Beyonce. While constantly ignored, America still technically prohibits non-sanctioned travel to Cuba by their citizens.  A bunch of Republicans have been questioning his trip and whether or not he broke the law. […]

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The House that Hova built

  The New York Times just ran a fascinating profile on one of the elder statesmen of hip hop. Titled, The House That Hova Built, it's a look into how Jay-Z rose to where he is today. Aside from the traditional examination of his new career as a businessman and minority owner of the nets, […]

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Livin like Mr. Thug

The Globe and Mail, a national Canadian newspaper, ran an article titled “How to be thrifty like a rap mogul”.  It’s actually kind of an interesting read, and focuses mostly on one artist known as Slim Thug. Pieces of advice such as “Going into the strip club to make it rain 5Gs ain’t ever profited my […]

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There’s so much that could be be said about the Beastie Boys’ MCA.  At 47, he died way too soon.  After fighting cancer for a few years, he finally lost the fight and has, hopefully, moved on to a better place.  It’s an unbelievably tragedy to his family and a huge loss to the hip […]

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Method Man Wants To Abandon Pothead Image

HipHop DX is reporting some news that’s kind of surprising to me in some ways.  Method Man, one of the kings of the Wu-Tang Clan (and also short-lived star of a terrible TV-show with Redman) has starting trying to grow up.  He’s come out to say that he wants to start getting away from the […]

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