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Underreported News

Uganda’s Presidential Rap Video

In what has to be an unexpected news article for most weekdays, Canada’s Globe and Mail has run a story about  President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda.  The story? Apparently Museveni has released a “wildly popular” rap video.  The Globe has this to say: The new hit isn’t exactly gangsta, though. It’s more poor-African-farmer than Straight Outta […]

Cool Underreported News

Jay-Z and Warren Buffet in Forbes

Apparently Hova and the Oracle had a meal together and did an interview with Forbes to talk about their success and the need to give back.  It’s a fascinating read, and worth checking out. They focus a lot on how the two of them got their respective starts in business, and what they learned along […]

Politics Underreported News

Glenn Beck can’t take a joke

I love it when far-right demagogue hypocrites like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are proven wrong or, even better, lose at something. It’s just awesome. The latest victory of reason over sheer ridiculousness comes courtesy of Isaac Eiland-Hall, a gentleman from Panama City, Florida. In an obvious parody of Beck’s over-the-top, completely unfounded […]

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