Unreal Ballpoint Art

So this guy, Juan Francisco Casas, is a ridiculous artist. His new thing is that he draws these increrdibly elaborate portraits. They look EXACTLY like photographs to me, but apparently they’re actually hand drawn. And they just so happen to be drawn with ballpoint pen of all things. Forgive me for being incredulous, but this […]

Art Music

Rock the Bells

So, y’all have heard of Rock the Bells, I assume. It has to be one of the most ambitious and amazing ideas I’ve seen. To think it all started as the dream of one guy. Chang Weisberg put it all on the line to give hip hop heads a much needed dose of real, unadulterated […]


The Demise of the Reagan Coalition?

John McCain’s emergence as the front-runner in the race for the Republican presidential nomination has some pundits wondering whether the vaunted Reagan coalition has collapsed. McCain – a maverick senator unafraid to confront the Republican establishment on any number of issues, including campaign finance reform, tax cuts and, somewhat ironically, the war in Iraq – has been accused of driving wedges between the “three […]


Freshly Served Beats

See below for some of my current favourites. Ranging from jazzy funk to underground dopeness, these tracks are courtesy of several of the nicest music blogs on the ‘net: Little Hooks with Ray Nato and the Kings – Give the Drummer Some More A jazzy, early ’70s jam. Check out the organ solo at 2:20. […]


Black-Focused Schools

Black-Focused School to open in Toronto Right away, this is probably one of the most controversial topics that has hit the Canadian school system in decades. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this situation (and/or don’t feel like clicking the links above) here’s a quick summary. The Toronto District School Board voted 11-9 […]


Playing the Political Markets

I recently discovered how much fun futures markets can be. If you’re a political junkie, buying and selling political futures is a great way to stay informed (especially during primary season), make a little money (unless you’d rather take the safer route and play with fake money) and, in a small way, participate in the […]


Adventures in the Emerald City

Three weekends ago I headed down to Seattle to catch Lupe Fiasco perform live at the Showbox. If you ever get a chance to see this dude perform in person, I highly recommend doing so. He is unreal live, partly because he’s one of the few hip-hop acts I’ve seen who sounds better with a […]

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