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I can’t even tell you exactly how this amazing piece of animation works.  Somehow, Jim Le Fevre manages to use a turntable and what looks like basic paper to create complex animations.

I’ll copy and paste his exact words:

It is all live action and works by using the shutter speed of the camera rather than the rather irritating stroboscope methods other 3D Zoetropes use.”

Now, that may not sound like much, but a 3D Zoetrope basically consists of a cylinder with slits in the side and “figures” of an object in various states of motion.  The spinning makes it seem like it is animated.  I guess Le Fevre says that his creation is not encased in a cylinder, and relies instead on the camera’s shutter in order to appropriately display the image.  You’ll notice that partway through the video he allows the shutter speed to slow down so the image just becomes a big blur.

It’s pretty crazy, but a pretty innovative use for a turntable in art.

[Source: Metafilter, Youtube]

Art Geek

Animator vs. Animation

This is just a pretty entertaining set of computer animations. It’s funny how far things have come that anyone can make what was once an incredibly sophisticated set of animations on their home computer.

It’s obviously not a tremendous piece of art, but I have to admire the creator nonetheless. This is definitely not something that took a little amount of time.

Check it out below.

Part 1:

Part 2:


“How we Met”

This youtube video by youtube user Tracecats also of http://www.zoomintosee.com, brings a fantastic short animation to the world.

Drawn entirely on their bodies and recorded by what appears like a cell phone, this movie has been viewed over 7 and a half million times.

It’s touching and actually pretty amusing, so check it out.