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Hip hop can get you in trouble…in Russia

Evidently, a young army lieutenant in the Russian forces made a little rap video complaining about conditions at his barracks (and rightly so, they look freakin terrible)

The BBC article about it does make some pretty funny accusations:

However, the army appears to have shown its disapproval, by posting the soldier to Ussuriysk, which is home to a military school, a statue of Lenin and, according to guide books, lots of trees.

It’s hard to believe that banishment to Siberia is still a threat used in Russia, but it looks like it is.  And the army lieutenant has a point.  Conditions for these soldiers are indeed pretty terrible, but I guess this really pissed off his superiors.  Check out the video below (of course it’s set to Stan by Eminem)


Ann Coulter demonstrates her ignorance

This video is straight up hilarious.

Ann Coulter, the postergirl for shock jock tactics, shows just how much “history” she actually knows.  In this interview with Canada’s CBC, she tries to make the argument that Canada should have sent troops to Iraq the same way they sent troops to Vietnam.

The interviewer tries to set her straight.