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4080Records Presents: Debra Hurd

Debra Hurd is quite the artist.  Not to say that she’s really all that original, but I really like her Jazz painting series.  It’s got a style that looks hurried and kind of blurry, and does a pretty good job of capturing what the performance is like.  It’s a rush of action and you tend […]


4080Presents: Improv Everywhere

Improv Everywhere is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It’s sort of like those flash mobs that were all the rage a few years ago, except they occur with a little bit of planning. Basically, this group is a worldwide association of regional Improv groups that conduct these random missions they dream up. Here’s […]


Napkin Fiction – Esquire

Napkin Fiction – Esquire This is an awesome project from a pretty unlikely source. As far as men’s magazines go, I’m sure Esquire ranks somewhere up there in terms of class, but that’s not exactly saying too much. Anyways, they decided to go out and do something artistic! Esquire went ahead and mailed out hundreds […]


Unreal Ballpoint Art

So this guy, Juan Francisco Casas, is a ridiculous artist. His new thing is that he draws these increrdibly elaborate portraits. They look EXACTLY like photographs to me, but apparently they’re actually hand drawn. And they just so happen to be drawn with ballpoint pen of all things. Forgive me for being incredulous, but this […]

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