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Geek Music

Will.i.am debuts his track from Mars

CTVNews reports that Will.i.am, the Black Eyed Peas frontman, is going to debut his new track from Mars.


The Mars Curiosity Rover is going to beam his song back to Earth, which is how the world is going to first hear it.

While a technological marvel, it’s an embarrassing use of the rover and the tech behind it.

Members of the team overseeing Curiosity’s work on Mars will be on hand too, to explain how the song was sent from the Martian surface to Earth, as well as other details of the rover’s mission on the Red Planet.

I guess that’s the useful part.  NASA is using Will.i.am to get people interested in the technology, and will hopefully actually explain the science behind it.

Let’s hope this song is better than the last BEP album.

Music Politics

Hip hop and Politics at the DNC

Those of you following the Democratic National Convention in Denver may have noticed a couple of interesting guests lately.

Kanye’s probably the biggest name to grace the stage, at least in terms of commercial success.  But Wyclef and Pharrell are expected to make appearances as well.

It should prove to be interesting, to have hip hop artists alongside a lot of the other musicians who’ve been backing Obama.  The Black Eyed Peas are also making an appearance, but there’s no real surprise there after will.i.am’s Yes we can music videos.

We’ve been doing a lot to cover the tremendous influence music and hip hop has been having on this election.  You’ve seen everything from bands refusing to have their songs used as campaign songs, to Obama brushing the dirt off his shoulder.

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