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Cadence Weapon vs. Radiohead and Britney Spears gets indie-fied

As part of their ongoing experimentation with Web 2.0, Radiohead is once again hosting a remix competition for a track from In Rainbows.  This time, it’s for the song “Reckoner.”   The band has made each of the song’s component parts, or stems, available for purchase on iTunes.   This allows budding (and established) producers free […]


Canadian Content: Buck 65 and Cadence Weapon

Buck 65 and Cadence Weapon are the binary stars (it’s called a metaphor) of avant-garde Canadian hip-hop. And by avant-garde I mean dope. Both musicians blend thought-provoking, often obtuse raps over eclectic, unconventional beats, resulting in a unique brand of hip-hop that is difficult to describe yet uniquely Canadian. The two are sometimes compared to American […]

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