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Canadian Content: Buck 65 and Cadence Weapon

Buck 65 and Cadence Weapon are the binary stars (it’s called a metaphor) of avant-garde Canadian hip-hop. And by avant-garde I mean dope. Both musicians blend thought-provoking, often obtuse raps over eclectic, unconventional beats, resulting in a unique brand of hip-hop that is difficult to describe yet uniquely Canadian. The two are sometimes compared to American […]

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The Chicharones – When Pigs Fly (2005)

The Chicharones – When Pigs Fly (2005) Mixing astute, introspective rhymes with irony and self-deprecating humour, the Chicharones (aka Vancouver’s Josh Martinez and the Oldominion crew’s Sleep) are a talented, yet underrated duo. On When Pigs Fly, their first full-length album, the Chicharones combine dope beats and dope rhymes (what more do y’all want?) into […]

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