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Vinyl really is making a comeback

I know this isn’t exactly rocket science, but it’s a pretty cool look at the ever-growing trend towards vinyl.

The Boston Globe is discussing why exactly vinyl sales seem to be skyrocketing at a time when CD sales are dropping off to the point where record companies have to sue people to make a profit.

What’s stunning is that turntable sales are up 500%, and vinyl is up something like 80% from the same time last year.  Now that’s got to be put into perspective, because despite the huge percentage increase, the sheer number of units being moved isn’t that crazy just yet.

A lot of bands are getting in on the action, releasing vinyl versions of their albums in advance of the other, more familiar types. I’m sure most of you can totally relate to just how dope vinyl can be.  I know i can,m even if it’s not at all hip hop.  Hell, I just grabbed a Norman Greenbaum LP, and obviously no one’s confusing him with hip hop!

Either way, read the article here.


Recycle your CDs into LPs

Apparently you can use a record cutting machine to make a record out of more than just vinyl.

Thanks to the magic of the internet, about six different sites have informed us of something that went down at the FutureSonic festival.  A man named Alexi was on hand to create what he calls recycled CD art.  He used his record cutting machine to take an audio file that the customer gave him and etch it into an old CD.

This made this old CD/DVD/piece of plastic perfectly playable on a turntable.  But it is completely out of the reach of most people.  Unlike a CD burner which you can get for $15 on ebay, a Vinyl Cutting machine from Vestax will set you back about $10,000.

Despite how wicked this is, unless you’ve got a machine like this in your garage, or can get one at auction, it’s probably not exactly practical.

But damn it’s cool.

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