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Eminem making comeback, Bone Thugs reunite

Eminem, the latest in a series of rappers who retire then un-retire, has decided to make a comeback.  I guess he got bored not being in the limelight, so he’s back in the studio.  You can tell he was bored since he prank called LL Cool J on the radio a little while ago.  I’m not a big fan of his work, but I can respect the fact he wants to get back into the game.  The one thing I’ll give him is that he tends to have fun with what he’s doing, and somehow people still respect him.

Not to be outdone, Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony have reunited as well.  The group made up with that rapscallion Bizzy Bone.  Bizzy Bone got the boot from the band because he had a serious drug problem (among other issues).  Once Flesh gets out of prison (he was in jail for threatening someone with an AK-47), they’ll get back to work.

Hmm, this kind of troubles me.  I’m not going to lie, I seriously love Crossroads.  That song owned my middle school life, but there’s something I find problematic about a quasi-violent criminal walking out of jail into a multi-million dollar recording setup.  I know it happens all the time in hip hop, but it’s truly not the message we want to be sending.

[Source: NOW Magazine, Contact Music]


MJ Making a comeback

That’s right folks.  Everyone’s favourite questionable performer is apparently making a comeback.  Michael Jackson has essentially been bought by a private equity firm and will hopefully start doing shows in Vegas pretty soon.

Colony Capital bought a 23-million dollar debt that Jackson had pledged his Neverland Ranch as collateral for.

NPR says that :”Wall Street Journal reporter Ethan Smith says Colony’s plan for rehabilitating Jackson’s career includes an Oprah appearance, a public statement emphasizing his acquittal on child molestation charges and a charity performance. The firm is also urging the singer to sell his Neverland Ranch. Jackson moved out of the ranch following his long legal battle, but those close to him say he still has hopes of turning it into a family-oriented theme park.”

It’s a simple plan, but one that will probably work.  Oprah, combined with trying to ‘revamp’ his image by selling the creepy Neverland Ranch will more than likely make considerable headway in reviving MJ’s career.  Plus, the plan is for him to headline a show in Vegas.

Not a lot of dates, mind you,  only about 20 shows a year.  But I think that’s just what he needs.  It’s amusing, because Colony Capital seems to think that MJ is “flighty” (their words, not mine), and as such he couldn’t manage more than the 20 dates a year.  I’m still sure people would pay tons of money to see MJ live.

And hey, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

[Source: NPR]


New Kids on the Block release their first comeback single

I can’t even begin to tell you how awful this is going to be.  People Magazine is reporting that not only have the New Kids on the Block decided to reunite to make a comeback, they have just released their first single “Summertime”.  Hear it below.

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I love me some “Step by Step” as much as the next guy.  It’s definitely good for a laugh at some party every now and again, the same way “Ice Ice Baby” or “Can’t Touch This” is.  It’s only good in the ironic way.  I’ve never been one to think the New Kids were exactly spectacularly talented musicians, and by looking at their new album cover they don’t exactly look like Kids anymore.

Be prepared for the vortex of suck to follow this release.  I’m afraid if this album ever meets anything done by Soulja Boy the universe will explode.