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Classic Breaks: Seven Minutes of Funk

If you listen to hip-hop, you know “Seven Minutes of Funk” by Tyrone Thomas and the Whole Darn Family.  Even if you can’t identify it by name, or have any idea who Tyrone Thomas or his apparently massive family are, the first twenty second of this track have been indelibly etched into your subconscious. Have a […]

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EPMD – Strictly Business (1988)

EPMD – Strictly Business (Priority/EMI, 1988) If you don’t like Strictly Business, you don’t like hip-hop. It’s that simple. Released in 1988 by EPMD (Erick and Parrish Making Dollars), Strictly Business is a straight classic, its legendary status forever preserved thanks to the 5 Mics it received from the Source. Created in an era before producers were constrained by […]

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