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Record Tripping and Gorillaz Groove

Not much to this post beyond some pretty fun and easy Flash games by the Bell Brothers.

Record Tripping

RecordTripping It’s a strange mashup of deejaying, Alice in Wonderland, and puzzles.  But it’s a good way to spend 5 or 10 minutes of your day.  It’s hard to explain what actually goes on, beyond the fact that your mouse (a scroll wheel is required to play) allows you to scratch what sounds like an audio recording of Through the Looking Glass or something

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Palin as President

Palin is President is a partisan little flash site taking aim at a fictional oval office.  Sarah Palin is now president and things are drastically different!

Check it out.


Budget Hero

You voracious politicians out there (or those  who are just convinced they can do a better job than the elected officials] may get a big kick out of this.

It’s a web-based game called “Budget Hero”.  It’s essentially a simulation game that lets you pretend to set the budget for the United States Government.  You get to decide tax cuts, whether to invest in infrastructure, national security, research etc.  You have to keep it all balanced to help keep public opinion happy.  It’s not that tough, but it’s kind of interesting to see what makes the most sense.

Check it out and play it below.