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Enormous mp3 collection

4080Records, thanks to some wonderful contributors, has been shown a website that will blow your entire mind. Some enterprising fellow has been digitizing all his old LP’s.  Travesty, you say?  Sure, until you realise he’s been carefully categorizing and labeling them and putting them online as downloadable mp3s. Aptly titled “My collection of 78 rpm […]


Free music via YouTube

Lifehacker has again pointed out a pretty awesome technique for getting music.  YouTube has long been a source of pretty solid music and often it can be from some pretty unknown artists. You can also find some pretty mainstream tracks if you are interested.  Just head on over to YouTube, find the video of your […]


Radiohead says “No more free music”

We’ve made a pretty big deal about Radiohead’s “pay what you want” scheme when they released In Rainbows.  It was revolutionary, we declared.  We were so proud of having a band show that maybe the major labels were inadequate, and that embracing digital distribution didn’t have to be hard. It could change the music industry! […]

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