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Gizmodo loves Vinyl

For some reason or another, in the last couple of weeks, Gizmodo has had a lot of posts dealing with vinyl and the gadgets that work with it.  I thought I’d do one big post with all of this stuff to help condense it all, and hopefully you find it a little interesting. Make your […]


Easy way to combine mp3s

If you’re looking for the world’s fastest method of combining mp3s into one file, this is it. Gizmodo reports on a post by gHacks that says all you have to do is put the mp3s you want to combine into a file folder, then run the command line (go to start –> run –> then […]


Tiny tiny decks

Apparently someone out there has come up with a genius idea.  Tiny little turntables you can keep in your pocket that are the size of credit cards. Now obviously this isn’t a fully functioning deck, but is instead a tiny device you can toy around with for some on-the-go scratching. According to Giz, you’re supposed […]


Someone still loves audio tapes

Surprisingly, there’s still a big market for old school audio tapes.  According to Gizmodo and the New York Times, prisons in America are huge consumers of old-school audio tapes.  Apparently it’s because CD’s are too easy to make into shivs, whereas the tapes are not. And yes, somewhere out there someone is still making tapes […]

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