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Gorillaz live on Letterman

Below is a full 45 minute concert from the Gorillaz that they performed after an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman.  It’s pretty wicked.

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Coachella Fun – Want to see the Gorillaz live?


I feel like I spend half my time linking to Pitchfork articles, but I guess that’s because they do a damn good job at covering music.  They’ve created a big post linking to a bunch of videos from the Coachella festival.

Wired loved the festival, particularly Jay-Z’s set

But that’s not to say there weren’t highlights, the biggest I’m-texting-my-friends-about-this-right-now moment being when he brought out Beyoncé Knowles — the Bonnie to his Clyde — to sing the chorus on his track “Forever Young.” They’re a couple that eschews much, if any, attention given to their union, but for those few minutes onstage, the Coachella crowd got a small glimpse of what it’s like to see two of the biggest names in music, well, flirt. Needless to say, it went over well.

“I got goose bumps when Beyoncé came out,” Matt Johnson of indie dance-punk duo Matt & Kim said Saturday, to which his band mate Kim Schifino replied, “See? Going in [I was thinking], ‘I bet 10 bucks he brings out Beyoncé.’”

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Personally, I was a fan of watching the Gorillaz performance with De La Soul (via video of course since I couldn’t be there for real.)  Watch that below.


Listen to Gorillaz new album Plastic Beach

For one week only, over on NPR, you can stream the entire new Gorillaz album called Plastic Beach.

It’s a great opportunity to check it out and see if you love it.  NPR has this to say about it

Plastic Beach unites Albarn and Hewlett with a huge list of guests, creating yet another well-crafted and dance-friendly set of songs. Here, Albarn and company’s songs demonstrate a genre-bending collection of glitchy club beats and hip-hop grooves, augmented by brass, glitzy synthesizers and Asian- and Arabic-tinged orchestral harmonies.

They’ve got a whole bunch of new collaborators on this one, including Snoop and Mos Def.