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Lost Nintendo Commercial Featuring ODB, The RZA and Prince Paul

Greatest commercial ever? Yup! Hearing RZA scream “and the BORDERS” is a surprising effective advertising technique.


Props: TheRapUp


Stop Motion Graffiti

A stop-motion video about graffiti from Israel.  Not bad.


Time lapse graf video

This is probably going to be the dopest graf video you’ve ever laid your eyes on.  Apparently a bunch of dudes in Buenos Aires got together and did some time lapse footage of their graf project.  The result is a kind of animated graffiti adventure.

Seriously amazing.

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

[Source: Gizmodo]


4080Records Presents: Banksy

Following up on our political graffiti post 4080Records is proud to present the king of subversive graffiti, Banksy.

This UK resident artist has made a huge name for himself. His works have been featured in many of the most prominent galleries in the world. Instead of being reviled, his works have also been selling for hundreds of thousands of pounds. Part of what’s so astounding is that Banksy seems to add his own work to galleries. He just secretly installs it, illegally of course.

I’m a huge fan of his work because of its heavily political content. Almost everything Banksy does has some sort of political or social commentary attached to it, which is maybe why it gets more respect than most other graffiti.

I’m especially proud of him for what he did to the Paris Hilton album when it first came to market. He snuck into some major chain record stores and swapped out copies of the album for one he’d made, with his own “cover art” of her stuff.

And somehow his star keeps rising. Below is a CNN video about Banksy’s newest project, so check it out. And for a way more detailed history, check out the Weburbanist post here.

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