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iTunes Canada pulls “murder music”

Most of you probably aren’t too familiar with murder music.  It’s a form of dancehall that’s been growing steadily more popular, but with some seriously violent and ridiculous undertones.

There appears to be a particular focus on gay-bashing )at least in the songs in question), even from quasi-established artists like Elephant Man.

So, EGALE, in conjunction with a group called Stop Murder Music Canada, petitioned iTunes Canada to stop the distribution of three songs they said advoccated violence against gays.  iTunes responded, removing the three songs and apparently even removing at least one of the albums that contained the songs.

It’s a pretty impressive move, though it has raised some controversy.  While no one seems to support the idea behind the songs, people are worried about censoring artists and the whole slippery slope this goes down.  Just because one group is offended by someone’s music, should iTunes pull it?

Frankly, the answer is probably not.  For the most part I think that retailers should stay out of it, but if someone is advocating actual physical violence, and it seems to materialize, then maybe it makes sense.  What do you all think?

[Source: Xtra]


Reporter blames iTunes for music labels’ jerky behaviour

This is a fascinating little editorial about how consumers are to blame for the way record companies and RIAA are treating us.  Apparently, since iTunes is such a roaring success and is making the record companies so much money, they don’t really have the incentive to completely rethink their distribution models.

We’ve seen that some steps were taken, and companies have been trying out some new stuff.  But on the whole, the record companies haven’t exactly been insanely successful at updating their styles.  They still rely heavily on CD sales (which are declining faster than the resale value on your car) and we all know that’s not working out so well.

He does make a couple of good points about DRM music, so check it out.

[Source: CNet]


Napster now sells DRM-Free music

Gizmodo is reporting that Napster has relaunched as a completely DRM-Free mp3 store.  That means no digitial encryption, no holding back on the amount of devices you can use your mp3’s on.

The Napster website still seems to maintain the old subscription model of purchasing, which only applies to non-Apple devices (no iPods, iPhones).  The news is also saying they will sell these mp3’s for 99 cents each or for $9.95 per album, which pretty much matches iTunes.  These DRM-free tracks can be put onto your iPod or any other device you want.

The plus side is that these tracks are yours to keep forever.

So check out the new, improved, Napster.