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Wu-Tang vs. the Beatles


Following up on my previous mash-up post, here’s something that’s also really out there but has way more production value.  Tom Caruna presents Wu-Tang vs. The Beatles – Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers.

This one came to me courtesy of a post over at Metafilter, and I gotta say big-ups to them.

And as one commenter said

Holy shit, are you kidding? The Beatles mashed up with the Wu? PUT IT IN MY EARS.
posted by Tiresias at 11:36 PM on January 17

Sounds about right.  This is a decent album, as far as mashups go.  It doesn’t hurt your ears, and is pretty listenable.

There are a couple of real standout tracks on this album.  Release Yo Self, Run, and C.R.E.A.M are all really dope.  Though I think City High has to be my favourite track on the album.  A bunch of people seem to dig their version of Got Yo Money, but to me it sounds too cluttered and off-beat to make me happy.

You can stream the whole thing for free on the website, or download the whole album over there.  I’m going to go ahead and assume that this won’t remain up for too long, so go cop the album soon.


Funky DL’s odd choice of mashup


Funky DL, a emcee who usually makes reasonable choices, has done something completely unexpected.  He has put together a new, free album called Funky DL samples Back to Frank.  In case that name doesn’t ring a bell, I just want to say two words: Amy Winehouse.

That’s right, Funky DL has put together a promo album using the music of Amy Winehouse.

For your free download go straight to: www.funkydl.com/b2f.zip

It’s not the worst thing I’ve heard, and I guess it’s a novel idea.  Funky DL has always had a penchant for a jazzier sound and, despite being a trainwreck, Amy Winehouse does have one hell of a voice.  So check it out if you’re interested.

Here’s a little taste.


OJAYZIS: The Jay-Z – Oasis mashup

Given the recent feud between Jay-Z and Oasis frontman Noel Gallagher, it seemed inevitable that an ambitious producer (or, in this case, group of producers) would try to mash-up their respective catalogues. 

Three days ago, Spanish producing trio Cookin’ Soul released just such a project.  Called OJAYZIS, the ten track download is a bit of a mixed bag, but nevertheless worth a download.  The songs that work – including “Wonderback” and “Supernova Hello” – are actually quite good, with Oasis’ soaring melodies serving as an excellent backdrop for Hova’s rhymes.  It will make you wonder why producers don’t sample modern rock more often.

Visit SFTP – The Liberators of Hip-Hop to download OJAYZIS. 


Mash-Ups To Get The Weekend Started Right

So I was browsin’ through imeem.com today, looking for some new dopeness to listen to while I was at work.  I stumbled on to two absolutely ridiculous remix/mash-ups, and thought I would post them here for your listening pleasure.

The first is a blend of Beck’s “E-Pro” and Dr Dre’s “Next Episode” feat. Snoop D-O-double-G.  Check this madness out:

[Update: for some reason, you can only hear the full version of this track if you’re logged on to imeem.com. My bad.]

The next mash-up appears like a bad match, but is actually one of the most gangster things I’ve ever heard: Simply Red’s “Sunrise” combined with Jay-z’s “Encore.”