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Empire State of Mind

In light of the mad amounts of press Jay Z has been getting lately, it seemed fitting that we give him a post.  Hova’s been on tour in Canada lately, and has been wowing people with his new album.  One of the better moments in the career of Jay Z has to be the opportunity […]


Zee Avi

NPR has finally run a piece on Zee Avi.  Zee’s a lady that we have been repping for a while now on our YouTube Channel.  Quite frankly, the channel’s not too much besides us favouriting videos that we dig and trying to promote artists that we really think should make it. Listen to the NPR […]


Death Row Records NOT sold

As a quick update to a previous post, reporting that Death Row Records had been sold at auction, it turns out that the sale has been annulled.  AllHipHop.com is reporting that the deal failed after a lawsuit by trustees of the label and members of Suge Knights estate. I guess the argument is that the […]

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