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NPR’s best of fall hip hop

Maura Johnston, famous from writing for Idolator, has given a little radio interview to NPR talking about some upcoming acts. Frankly, I don’t really agree with some of her choices but she does make some good points  She pumps up Jay-Z’s release, and the new Raekwon album, and has some time for a couple of […]


NPR loves T.I

NPR, the venerable public broadcaster, appears to have a bit of a thing for T.I.  The article is a bit of a joke, though it does contain a couple of good nuggets. Andrew Noz, the author, makes the following claim: When Jay-Z speaks, the rap world listens. So when, around the turn of the decade, […]


5 dope jazz albums

Arturo O’Farrill took over the baton of the Afro-Latin Jazz Orchestra from his father, Latin jazz pioneer Chico O’Farrill. He’s listed his top 5 jazz albums here, and I’ve got to say he’s got some pretty amazing taste.  Here they are: Relaxin’ Artist: Miles Davis Quintet Now He Sings, Now He Sobs Artist: Chick Corea […]


Al Green drops new album

Al Green has just released his new album Lay it Down.  He’s really gone out of his way to make a pretty killer record.  He’s recruited some top-notch talent, getting ?uestlove to produce some tracks. He’s also featured John Legend,  Corrine Bailey Rae and others, trying to get the best of the “new soul” movement […]


I believe in hip hop

It’s a simple way to start an incredibly powerful article. Laura Hall has lived a pretty tough life. She had to drop out of college to take a factory job. Yeah, that part doesn’t sound that bad, I guess. But she had to do this just to be able to afford to take care of […]

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