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Obama’s ideal VP choice

Real Clear Politics, a site I honestly am not so familiar with has put up a startling poignant article about just who should be chosen to be Obama’s VP running mate.  Obviously this is assuming Obama wins the nomination, but realistically he probably will. Despite Clinton’s…reluctance to concede the nomination, Obama recently took the lead […]


Dems split primaries

In the next installment of the never-ending-story between Obama and Clinton, they each managed to pick up the “must win” states to keep both campaigns alive. However, the news is a little more than what it seems.  Obama’s win in North Carolina was convincing, winning the state by something like 14% according to the BBC.  […]

Music Politics

Comparing Presidential Music

According to his Facebook fan page, Barack Obama is a fan of legendary ’90s super-group The Fugees! If you were wavering before (and are a 4080reader), this alone should clinch it for you. Even ten years ago it would have been political suicide for a presidential candidate to publically reveal he or she listened to hip-hop, let alone consider a rap group among his/her favourite musicians […]

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