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The 5 greatest puppetry moments in hip-hop history

Yesterday, the blog at Complex.com published a brilliant post detailing the “unauthorized history of puppets in hip-hop.”  It features five (mostly) classic rap videos which contain at least some puppetry, including “Ass Like That” by Eminem, “Champion” by Kanye, “Da Art of Storytelling” by Outkast, “Me and the Biz” by Masta Ace and Pac’s “How do you want […]


Big Boi releasing a solo album

Pitchfork Media is reporting that Big Boi’s latest solo album is coming along quite happily. Considering how well Spearboxx/Love Below sold, I can only imagine that this album will probably go at least platinum soon after release. Here’s a quick peek at what the Pitchfork article says: “”It’s like a recession special. I’m talking about […]

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