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100% Pure Poison: St. Germain, Pete Rock & J Dilla

In the early 1970s, nine American servicemen stationed in Germany formed a soul band.  They called themselves 100% Pure Poison (it was the seventies, after all). After sneaking in to a music industry conference and snagging a deal with British EMI, they released their first and only album, Coming Right At You.  According to All Music […]


Beth Fladung’s Hip-hop Photography

Hip-hop photography is an underappreciated art.  Unlike photography associated with other genres of music (particularly jazz and rock), hip-hop photography is less established, and frankly, less respected.  Maybe it’s because the genre is still relatively young, or maybe it’s because many wrongly assume that hip-hop photography means tough looking gangster-types looking menacingly at the camera. Fortunately, that’s […]

Music Politics

New York Sun writer is ignorant about hip hop

John McWhorter is an “author” who writes for the New York Sun. He’s got a book coming out called About the Beat: Why Hiphop Can’t Save Black America and in an effort to stir up some attention about it he’s written an article claiming that conscious hip hop is a myth. In his incredibly awkward […]


Fresh Beats From Across The Spectrum

  Time once again for some new music. Keep reading for a fresh serving of beats, rhymes and otherwise tasty music (none of which is Blondie). Wu-Tang Clan – Windmill (8 Diagrams, 2007) [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Since its release, Wu-Tang’s fifth studio album has been garnering mixed reviews. While some applaud the Staten Island crew […]

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