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4080Feature: Marwa Yasmine Abdou

l_d376479dd869335f907165f861e7a769 Marwa Yasmine Abdou is a young Canadian photographer with a surprising amount of talent.  And it’s been a long minute since we’ve even tried to do an art-related post, so I figured now was the time to change all that.

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Bboy’s in space

Okay, so  it’s not quite as cool as it sounds.  They’re not actually in outer space or anything, but they are suspended in the air.

Photographer Denis Darzacq is a talented young Frenchman who has quite a number of successful exhibitions under his belt.  Now it’s debatable whether these cats are actually breakers are not,  but there’s no denying that these are some extraordinary photos.

Check ’em out here.

[Source: Metafilter, Denis Darzacq]


Jeff Bridges – actor AND photographer?

Jeff Bridges is a pretty well-known actor.  In case you don’t, just rent the Big Lebowski and you’ll love every minute of it.  He’s also the villain in Iron Man.  Apparently he’s also somewhat of a photog in his spare time. His weapon of choice? A Widelux.  It’s a 35 mm film camera that takes panoramic shots.

Bridges has been carrying his Widelux around for many years, and has just released a book of panoramas he’s taken from various movie sets and parties.  Below you can see one of his photos, one he took of the crew on a movie.

You can also view the rest of his photos here.

Bridges is also running an indie music label, Ramp Records.

Overall, I’m pretty impressed with Bridges.  Besides acting in some cult classics, he’s managed to avoid turning entirely Hollywood.  And he’s shown some definite talent behind the lens.

Source: USA Today.