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Harmonize THIS: King Gordon, Queen Carole and Why John Adams was Right

Ed.: In this post, new 4080 contributor James Roy critiques a recent Tyee piece praising British Columbia’s system of government. By James Roy Alan Durning’s admiration of British Columbia’s political system warrants a typically Canadian response: thank you very much; but you’re wrong and here’s why. He picks the best parts of the parliamentary (not […]


Officials foil ‘plot’ to kill Obama

In what is basically breaking news, law enforcement officials in the US have “broken” a plot to kill Barack Obama. The plot itself does lack some credibility, but I’m happy that the security officials took it so seriously.  In essence, this is what transpired: Two neonazi skinhead douchebags (one of them pictured on the left) […]


Gore backs Obama

Al Gore has come out in support of the Democratic nominee Barack Obama. After Bill Clinton’s repeated meltdowns during the primary season, Gore is probably now the most respected Democrat in the party.  Many still see him as having won the 2000 election, and now that he won a Nobel Prize he’s doing pretty well […]

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