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Did rap originate in Scotland?


The Telegraph reports that an American Professor is claiming rap music, specifically freestyle battles, actually originated in Scotland centuries ago.  The Scottish tradition of flyting is, as Professor Ferenc Szasz claims, a battle of “verbal jousting” that was done in verse.  

Szasz claims that Scottish slaveowners brought the practice over to the US and that slaves there adopted it and it lead to, ultimately, the birth of hip hop.  

Frankly, I think that’s a bit of a stretch.  There are some similiarities between rap and flyting, mainly that both consist of a verbal tussle where individuals take turns and marks are given for the most clever lyrics and disses.  Even with these similiarities, I think rap had a way different progression to get where it is now.

Still, it’s an interesting little analysis by a little-known academic, and a connection I had never heard of.  So it is entirely possible there is at least some Scottish influence on the contemporary freestyle.


7 Things rappers can talk about during the recession

Comedy.com has a biting little post on what rappers can talk about now that many of them aren’t so rich and the economy is tanking.  In times of recession fans don’t really seem to like you rappin about how many Bentleys you have or how you’ve got more money than god.

Frankly, the first thing they talk about is pretty good:

1. Who Rocks the Party?

Remember that? Remember when MCs wanted us to throw our hands in the air and wave them like we just didn’t care? Maybe we should try that again. Because the repo man just took your peanut butter whip, your 20s, your ice and your grillz. And partying is cheaper than spinny jewelry.

or number 3.

3. Being the Best Rapper

Yes, right now only the best rappers rap about being the best rapper. Jay-Z, Lil’ Wayne, T.I., Kanye, whoever. But that’s because only a handful of people actually seem to be trying to be the best rapper. Or even a good rapper, for that matter. People used to actually brag about how good they were at rapping and not just at showing up on Cribs with a leased house with Craigslist hoes in their leased hot tubs. We’d like to see more of that.

Check out the whole list here.


Large Hadron Collider Rap

We posted earlier about the Large Hadron Collider, a huge scientific installation over at CERN in Europe.

Some nerdy scientist-types have decided to make a little rap video about it, and I have to say as far as nerd rap goes, this isn’t terrible.

Check it out below.


Apparently we’re not the only ones impressed.  The New York Times, and the AP have both covered it.]


More bad PR: Toronto “hip hop artist” arrested for murder

Pardon this if it ends up being just another rant, but I’m mad at criminals who get arrested and the news just loves mentioning that they’re a “rapper” or  a “hip hop artist”.  I understand that they want to provide some context of the case in that headline, but it really just makes all hip hop look like a gangster rap situation.

Mikey G, an awful rapper not even worth knowing, ended up stabbing his girlfriend’s ex-husband after some serious altercation.  The worst part is that from the sounds of the story, it wasn’t entirely unwarranted.  The ex-husband was brandishing a baseball bat and I guess things went downhill.  Still, Mikey G will now serve 5 years in jail.

Now it’s impossible to defend a murderer, but the one thing I’ll give him credit for is that he went and apologized to his victims family.  I’m not sure if that’s always the best thing, but it shows some sort of responsibility for his actions.  Still, a messed up story and you can read it by clicking on the link below.

[Source: Toronto Star]


HBO Commentator Kellerman Raps

Many of you out there may not appreciate Max Kellerman. He’s a Boxing commentator for HBO, and has worked for many of the major networks, including ESPN and FOX.

Few know that he was apparently in a rap group with his late brother, who was tragically murdered a few years later.

The Roberto Flack Chronicles, a decent blog with a pretty awesome name is where I first saw this story. There really isn’t much exciting to this post, besides the fact that the track is actually pretty decent. Not to harp on modern rap again or anything, but truthfully this song is better than half the songs I heard on the radio today. (And yes, I still listen to the radio sometimes). Check out the video below, for Max & B’s – Young Man Rumble.


Mills and McCartney recorded rap song

Mills and McCartney recorded rap song

I wish I could make this sort of thing up.  But it’s the truth.

Heather Mills (formerly Heather Mills McCartney) and Sir Paul actually managed to record some sort of rap song together.

It seems a little bit funny to me, but I guess she did it with good intentions.  Titled “The Disability Rap”.  She wanted to release the song to raise money for disabled children.

That in and of itself needs some praise, because I think anything that comes with a charity aim has to be respected and appreciated.  Not enough people do things like this in the world, so even if they’re a bit of a twit, they need to at least be acknowledged for their good intentions.

Still, as hip hop goes it doesn’t exactly sound like a great rap.  Heather does the actual rapping, while Sir Paul McCartney provides the hook and some random background vocals.

In the song, Heather says: “It’s been hard, other children can be cruel. Teasing and tormenting – freak, weirdo, retard. What do they know?”

“So you go to the NHS and they do their best with their limited budget. They make her limbs but she can’t wear them – they’re painful. And every step you take is even more painful to you. So you thank them because it’s the best they can do. No Mr. Minister. It’s not. And you know it.”

Interesting.  I’ve tried to dig up a copy of it somewhere on the interweb, but no luck so far.  Rest assured this post will be updated if I can find one.