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MF Doom – My Favorite Ladies (Equal Remix)

I’ve never heard the original, unfortunately, but I’d be impressed if it’s as good as this remix. Capturing the crunchy drums and jazzy essence of much of Doom’s work (thanks mostly to Madlib, I’m guessing), Equal’s version of “My Favorite Ladies” is impressive. Doom’s verses are surprisingly coherent, too, and possess a rare emotional salience: […]


More tributes to the King of Pop

Michael Jackson’s passing has inspired countless tributes from, it seems, every corner of the pop culture landscape.  A testament to both his transcendent artistic influence and his catalog’s massive revenue-generating potential, the man has to date been remembered (slash exploited) on film, television, in print and, of course, by a variety of professional and amateur […]


Cadence Weapon vs. Radiohead and Britney Spears gets indie-fied

As part of their ongoing experimentation with Web 2.0, Radiohead is once again hosting a remix competition for a track from In Rainbows.  This time, it’s for the song “Reckoner.”   The band has made each of the song’s component parts, or stems, available for purchase on iTunes.   This allows budding (and established) producers free […]


Lupe Fiasco Remix Dopeness and New Heat From Q-Tip!

Anticipation for Lupe’s “Paris, Tokyo” remix has been building since it was first announced a few months ago, and now that it’s finally arrived heads across the interweb are scrambling to get their hands on it.  And thanks to 2dopeboyz.com, we’ve got a copy for your listening pleasure available below.  Also available is a surprisingly […]

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