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R.I.P Guru

A little over a month ago, we reported that Guru had slipped into a coma.  This awful news was followed up positively when AllHipHop claimed they had a source saying that Guru had successful surgery and was expected to make a full recovery. Unfortunately that was not true.  Apparently, Guru had been suffering from cancer […]


R.I.P Miriam Makeba

According to the BBC, Miriam Makeba has passed away.  Makeba was one of South Africa’s most famous and most respected musicians. Her career has spanned decades, and in fact she was one of a few South African artists to be exiled after speaking out against apartheid.  She was exiled in the early 1960s and didn’t […]


R.I.P Isaac Hayes

In sad news Isaac Hayes, one of the most recognizable soul singers of the last 25 years, has passed away at the age of 65. Hayes is probably best known (depending on how old you are), as the creator/singer of the Shaft theme song, or as Chef from South Park.  But he was a remarkably […]


Bo Diddley passes on

Bo Diddley, a very very well known Rock and Roll icon. A pioneer of the movement, many people say. In fact, the Independent, a major UK newspaper goes even further: “Bo Diddley, who died earlier this week, was perhaps the least celebrated of the original pillars upon which the mighty, world-changing edifice of rock’n’roll was […]

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