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Lost Nintendo Commercial Featuring ODB, The RZA and Prince Paul

Greatest commercial ever? Yup! Hearing RZA scream “and the BORDERS” is a surprising effective advertising technique.


Props: TheRapUp


Can you be a nerd and still love hip hop?

Granted this is not a question most people would think about.  And I guess it also must be acknowledged that since you’re reading this post on the internet, you’ve got a little bit of geek in you.  Gizmodo  (the gadget blog with a lack of hip hop credentials) has posted an interview with RZA.

RZA, the techno-guru of the Wu-Tang Clan, is a hell of a talented producer.  He did a whole electronic concept album as Bobby Digital that was a definite departure from his previous work.   In fact, back in May of 2008 we wrote about his intent to resurrect Bobby Digital for a new album.

The interview is in support of his new book, The Tao of Wu. It’s interesting that RZA so easily admits to being a geek, and claims to be one of the first hip hop geeks willing to admit it.  I mean, looking at the tough and macho attitude the Wu exudes, you wouldn’t guess.  But looking deeper, you have a bunch of dudes messing with old Kung Fu movies and RZA playing with tech to build beats for some of the most fundamental hip hop tracks of all time.

Check out the interview below.

[Source:True/Slant via BoingBoing] via Gizmodo]


Hip hop chess, anyone?

A NBC affiliate in South Carolina has run a story on the Hip Hop Chess Federation, an organization started by the RZA (yes, that RZA).

It’s a program focused on giving at-risk teens a way to think and resolve conflict in a way that’s non-violent and non-confrontational. RZA argues that teaching kids about chess will teach them to “think a few moves ahead”, so instead of acting impulsively and making bad decisions, they carefully weigh their options before acting.

“These kind of strategies are embedded in us as a young person. When you grow up and go out there into the world, you’re faced with a decision. The decision making is more powerful now. You’re not just reacting, you’re thinking, focusing and then moving,” said RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan.”

It’s an interesting notion, and one probably worth exploring. Either way, it can’t do any harm!


A reader has kindly pointed out an error in our post.  RZA is not the founder of the Hip Hop Chess Federation, but is instead on the Board of Directors.  He has also since gone on to found Wuchess.com. Thanks, Thugbasher, for the correction.]


RZA unveils his new album

The RZA (of Wu-Tang fame) is resurrecting his Bobby Digital alter-ego and releasing a new album titled Digi Snacks.

According to PitchforkMedia, the cover art on this album is unreal.  I think it’s pretty spectacular, frankly.  Check it out and see for yourself!

To be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of the original Bobby Digital release (Liquid Swords), but I have a feeling that’s one of the albums that deserves another listen.  From what I’ve heard it may actually grow on me.

Digi Snacks actually sounds pretty dope.  You can stream a couple of tracks off of Rza’s myspace.  For your listening pleasure, you can listen to it here.  Here’s You Can’t Stop Me Now.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

The album has a pretty solid feel to it.  RZA is pretty known for his sampling prowess and this occasion is no exception.  Check it out.  If you want to see him live on tour, then:

West Coast: Vancouver.  June 25 @ Richard’s on Richards.

East Coast: Ottawa.  July 4 @ New Capital Music Hall.