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Mike Tompkins is blowing up

This young Canadian dude is blowing up all over YouTube these days.  His gimmick is his acapella covers of famous pop songs.  Not that crazy in and of itself, but he does it very very well.  His videos have a combined total of over 12 million views.  That’s nothing to shake a stick at for […]


Stream Shad’s new Album

Spinner magazine has Shad’s new album TSOL streaming in its full glory. Check it out here. It’s neat that each track has a little commentary by Shad himself talking about where each came from and what it was all about. This album is going to be great when it lands at the end of May.  […]


Shad at the alt.sessions

Shad and DJ Teelo performed at Sonic Boom, a big Toronto record store for alt. sessions.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, alt. sessions is a Canadian TV show that basically follows artists around and captures them performing some signature tracks in different settings. It airs on aux.tv, a music website trying […]

Cool Geek

Shad Parodies The Fresh Prince In New Video

Shad, a talented Canadian emcee who we’ve shown love to before, is making waves on the ‘net for his newest video.  Based on the opening credits of the Fresh Prince, the video for “The Old Prince Still Lives At Home” is simultaneously hilarious and nostalgic.  After all, everyone knows the Fresh Prince intro rap.  Although it gets a little lame at the end, […]

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