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You can’t stop the reign


To keep up with Fu-Quon’s discotastic fiesta, I thought I’d start up a wayback playback myself.

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Shaq’s freestyle cost him his badge

In a quick follow-up to our last post about Shaq dropping a brutal freestyle, apparently I wasn’t the only one unimpressed with his rap.

Shaq was stripped of his honourary Sheriff’s deputy badge, which I guess is a sad thing?

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said the Phoenix Suns centre’s use of a racially derogatory word and other foul language left him no choice. Arpaio made Shaq a special deputy in January and promoted him to colonel of his largely ceremonial posse earlier this month.

I’ve never heard of a freestyle costing someone their job, but I guess I shouldn’t be particularly surprised.  Poor Shaq!

[Source: Toronto Star]


Shaq is an awful freestyler

This is a terribly entertaining and awful freestyle by Shaquille O’Neal, that giant pro basketball player.  We all know he had beef with Kobe Bryant, but you can hear him mock Kobe for this whole little verse he spits.  Nothing says lyrical genius like the chorus “Kobe, tell me how my ass taste.”  Someone get this man a Pulitzer.

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