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Death Row Records Sold At Auction

Yes, that’s right.  First, Death Row Records still existed! Who knew?  Now, the once-great label that launched 2Pac, Dre, Snoop, and a dozen others is a mere shadow of its former self.

Former label exec Suge Knight has had a rough go of things the last few years.  He basically went bankrupt, managed to get himself with trouble with a variety of old acquaintances, and even managed to get himself knocked out in a fight.

There’s really nowhere to go but up after a situation like that.  So, in an effort to turn himself around, he started a new label, got himself a reality TV show, and made the tough decision to sell what’s left of Death Row.

Now, Global Music Group has bought Death Row and it’s back catalogue for $24 Million Dollars. So they now get possession of Dre’s The Chronic and Snoop’s Doggystyle, amongst others.  Some serious hits in that group of records, so it seems like a decent investment to me.

[Source: NYT]


Mash-Ups To Get The Weekend Started Right

So I was browsin’ through imeem.com today, looking for some new dopeness to listen to while I was at work.  I stumbled on to two absolutely ridiculous remix/mash-ups, and thought I would post them here for your listening pleasure.

The first is a blend of Beck’s “E-Pro” and Dr Dre’s “Next Episode” feat. Snoop D-O-double-G.  Check this madness out:

[Update: for some reason, you can only hear the full version of this track if you’re logged on to imeem.com. My bad.]

The next mash-up appears like a bad match, but is actually one of the most gangster things I’ve ever heard: Simply Red’s “Sunrise” combined with Jay-z’s “Encore.”